Magic items, shops, equipment

There are little to no magic shops (armor, weapon, projectiles ect..) in this world. Getting a magic item should be amazingly awesome and a personal journey, not just a trip down the road to a magical wal-mart.

Adding effects on items and gear

Being that there are little to no magic shops, putting additional effects onto items or gear goes a little bit different in this world. Someone will have to make a knowledge check or go to a city with a high amount of magic (City of Miracles ect..) to ask a wizard or other magical folk for the recipes.


To give a +1 Longsword (simple masterwork item not magical), with the special effect Flaming you would need to Bottle the Flames of a fire elemental, a Fire Rune, and some heat resistant Leather. Upon gathering all of these items you will need to be at a forge for a day and mix the fire rune with your weapons steel using the fires of a elemental to mix it with the steel of your sword.

(Some Checks will be made to determine the potency and how long the effect will last on your weapon)
Also Note, you will still need the correct Feats to craft these items.
Item Creation Feats

Magic items, shops, equipment

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